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스마트관광연구소는 2013년 설립 이후부터 문화관광, 관광경제, 관광경영, 컨벤션 전시경영, 호텔경영, 경영정보, 경영공학, 기술경영, 행정 등 스마트관광 관련 다양한 분야의 전문 연구자들 간의 공동연구를 지속적으로 발표하고 있습니다. 연구소 개소 아래 발표한 주요 논문은 다음과 같습니다.

Call for Papers: Journal of Smart Tourism

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스마트관광연구소가 'Journal of Smart Tourism' 국제 저널을 런칭합니다.
Smart Tourism Research Center launches the International Journal of Smart Tourism.

여러분의 많은 원고투고와 관심을 바랍니다.
We look forward to your paper and interest.

Journal of Smart Tourism


Chulmo Koo Ph.D., Full Professor in Smart Tourism Education Platform (STEP), College of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Kyung Hee University, Republic of Korea

Editor’s Short C.V. (Résumé)

He has conducted research projects concerning information technology in the context of tourism & hospitality management. Most notably, Dr. Koo has defined and refined the conceptual framework of smart tourism. His paper, “Smart Tourism: Foundation and developments” “is cited 832 in Google Scholar and 384 in Web of Science and "Conceptual foundations for understanding smart tourism ecosystems” in cited 407 in Google Scholar and 185 in Web of Science, was selected as ‘2016 Electronic Markets Papers of the Year.

Editorial Objectives and Coverage:

Why do you need smart tourism now?

Tourism and information technology are two separate communities, but business environmental pressures have both led to interest in the topic of tourism and IT in the tourism context. They just look from different angles. These two communities can refer to articles in each part, but they don't really necessarily work together, but it's time to start a new journal where the combination of tourism and IT is evolving rapidly and bridging that gap. The journal provides a vehicle for the development of high quality scholarship in the context of the tourism, Information Technology, Information Systems, management and business of China, Korea, Japan academic environment. It publishes up-to-date and original legal research contributions for the benefit of scholars, policy makers and practitioners in these areas, including those operating in the fields of tourism and hospitality, service business and management, urban cities, and government policy.

The purpose of the new journal lies in areas which information technology (IT) may challenge the tourism industry, transform business, and induce behaviors that focus on business networks, travel services such as design contents, products, devices, and process innovation. To address this particular purpose, the new journal will accommodate end-users (i.e. travelers) and organizational perspectives with technology and systems for smart and urban cities, smart ecosystems, heritage and historic cities, and a sustainable environment. Furthermore, methodological directions elucidate not only technology-enhanced tourism but also contextual inquiries, dealing with the potential tourists’ behavior patterns, communication protocols, their media preference, and their decision-making process in traveling. Based on this, tourism and hospitality business and organization will synthesize new business models and applications to migrate toward smart tourism.

The journal will include research papers, review papers, case studies, rapid communications (letters), and research notes. We welcome papers from a wide range of disciplines as well as research papers based on either a quantitative or a qualitative approach. Topics of interest include but are not limited to, the followings:

Concept and theories of smart tourism

Case studies of smart tourism, technologies for tourism design

Urban planning and development

Electronic brokerage and marketplaces

Swarms, social network services, and collective decision making

IT architectures and models for smart tourism

Design business models and the role of IT

Barriers and ingredients for the developments for smart systems

Acceptance, adoption, and diffusion of travel systems

Ensuring privacy and security of tourism infrastructures

Blockchain, Fintech, Financial engineering

Impact of technologies on traditional tourism

Policy, strategy, and management of smart tourism

Service design tourism business process

Network analysis of a networked tourism industry

Business intelligence for smart tourism technologies and services

Research methods for the analysis of smart tourism related phenomena

Robot, AI, Service Automation

Big data analytics, Business analytics, Network analytics

Hotel & Accommodation industry for smart tourism

Restaurant & Food industry for smart tourism

Entertainment & media industry for smart tourism

Transportation & mobility industry for smart tourism

Smart cities and destination for smart tourism


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